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This is Ablaze and it works like this:

This marketing platform has been designed to assist marketers get traffic to their websites in an easy, low or no cost way. More traffic means more possible customers visiting your website. A huge mistake that many Traffic Exchanges make is leading a marketer to believe  that they will be "overwhelmed with targeted visitors, with money in hand". While not true,……

The primary purpose of a Traffic Exchange is to exchange traffic to the websites, period.

Understand that the bilk of your visitors are marketers of all skill levels "owners working on Marketing their sites", then you will most likely have some possible buyers. Understand conversion rates are based on your message how it is delivered and how “sticky” or how “catchy” the message being delivered is. If your message and ads deliver well you will see higher ROI ( Return On Investment). Another term is Top Of the Mind.

General Concept
This is very basic view websites using Ablaze With Traffic and in return other Ablaze Members will return the favor. This also works on how often you view the site. If you set it and walk away your adding no value to the system and the surf quality will go down. If you watch the surf and pause the timer from time to time to look more at an offer then the quality will move up for your sites as well. This is a “you get what you give” type of system. To wrap it all up nicely If you view and take advantage of the offers here on ablaze with traffic then others find more value and they will do the same.

A couple different ways to earn credits:
When you first join Ablaze, you will given some credits for being a new member.
Be a surfer, and surf other sites through auto or manual surf bars. For every site you visit, you will earn credits
Credits are also for sale, with packages available. If you buy more credits at one time, you pay less per credit at Ablaze.
Display our referral page. Every view from a unique user will earn some credits.
Refer New members, if a new member signs up using your referral page, you get credits when they sign up, and a percentage of their credit earnings when they are a part of your down line.

When a member you referred makes a purchase or upgrades their account, you recive value from this.
Use our Banner Exchange: Place javascript on one or more of your website's pages, and every time that page is seen, you earn between 0.1 and 0.15 credits, depending on the size of banner you select.
For details of how many credits are earned in so many ways at each level, visit the Membership Levels on the Pricing page.

Lingo used on Ablaze:
We use an 'ablaze' theme to our marketing system.

Ablaze TE - The system as a whole that your seeing right now.

Credits - The common piece to use as an in house currency. 1 credit allows a member to show one page or multiple banners and text ads. credits may be earned through viewing, referrals, won, and so much more.

Sites - A website page. The basis for our traffic is to view sites.

Fire Block - A block of pages, that can be from one user and be shown in an order that makes the message better viewed. Allowing the advertiser to display longer, more attractive, or more powerful messages to surfers. Think of it as multiple billboards with a related massage on the side of a Highway.

The Surf - This is what is done to exchange views for credits.

Ablaze Member - A website surfer, that uses our exchanges to receive credits.

Super Surfers - A high-volume Surfers. They get extra benefit by being a more-frequent Surfers. This bonus can add on to any membership level. Rewarded for surfing is the Ablaze way!

Ablaze (starter) - A monthly membership see the Pricing page.

Ablaze Executive -  A monthly membership see the Pricing page.

Ablaze Professional - A monthly membership see the Pricing page.

Marketing Manager - A member who wants to be an owner of a site like ablaze can. We have created a section called all about the network.

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We are very proud to be the largest traffic exchange in the TrEx Family. when your ready to become an owner you will have the full support of Ablaze With Traffic.

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