Ablaze Referral Contest

Ablaze Referral Contest
1st Place  12,000 Auto Surf Credits

2nd Place  10,000 Auto Surf Credits
3rd Place  5,000 Auto Surf Credits
4th Place  3,000 Auto Surf Credits
5th Place  2,000 Auto Surf Credits
6th -10th 1,000 Auto Surf Credits
2+ referrals needed to win a prize
Referrals Contest
From: 2015-10-01 through 2017-08-30.
Up to 10 winners every 30 Days

Contest starting: 2017-07-22

And lasting for 30 Days
Position (winner?) User #/Referrals
1 (Y) 18938-trexlist 4
2 (Y) 18959-brent451 2

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