The Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Top List of 2017

Getting traffic to your website Or blog is easy using autosurf traffic exchanges. you can receive thousands of views per

day with out ever having to lift a finger.

#1 Ablazewithtraffic

Ablaze Auto surf has a 30 second timer and a good earning ratio.  Also has an
intergrated Banner exchange and a text ad exchange for earning impressions.
you can even earn ad impressions by showing your splash pages for each unique view.  

Ad Impressions are auto assigned so your site is always in rotation

Join Ablaze
#2 Auto Surf Myth

2016 revamped New owners and better then ever! a top traffic exchange.
One of the Best click rates in the business. Signups from an auto surf are

no longer a myth with this traffic exchange

Auto Surf Myth
#3 247 Auto Hits

One of the Largest auto surf Online today. With years in the autosurf Niche
247 is a stand out traffic exchange Banner exchange here as well with banner
only impressions.

#4 Twistrix

Simply auto hits is now Twistrix and rocking in referrals for auto surf sites.
This is one of the very few auto surf I would recommend that has a
"Hide referrer feature" cause its been tested and works.

#5 10K Hits

10 K hits I like cause i can get a steady stream of traffic with the occasional
signup from too. clean and well built its easy to use.
Good site to promote as you earn ad impressions here.

#6 Yibbida

Active members, ADOS exchange. little harder to navigate but 
earn credit from surfing, banner exchange,  text ads, and showing
your referral link.

1:1 Traffic Exchange - 1000 Bonus Autosurf Credits

Auto surf Max

its getting me traffic and referrals

#8 Alexa Surfing Cool clean Exchange AlexaSurfing - Free Website Traffic Exchange