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Please Note:
We do NOT allow rotators or websites with the following:
Not allowed in Ablaze With Traffic Pop Ups of any Kind
Frame Breakers
Fly-in ads
Adult Material
Bad language (any type)
Auto installing software
Illegal businesses
Background searches
Text that is not written in English
Any site that opens a page inside a page
Investment surfs
Support Chat/ Popups That Require Clicks
Sites With Video That Takes Longer Than 3 Seconds To Load

Adding a site that does not meet our terms can result in the loss of your account and any unused credits.
PTP, Co -ops, and Member based Co-ops (PTP styled coops) & Shortners/ Link cloakers are banned

*** Credits are automatically assigned as needed for all member unless upgraded and using credit and draw function ***

[* No User Referral info *] you have credits in your account

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Display Type : Site
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This controls whether this site will begin to display upon approval.
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Page to Show : Test this link
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Assigned Credits indicates how many credits are available for this site to be displayed.  A site will only be displayed when there is at least 1 available credit in its account.  Credits can be manually pulled from your pile to keep the site displaying. Note: This is an advanced feature.  Your account must be upgraded to at least 'Ablaze (starter)' to control credit assignment.

Hourly Feed indicates how many credits per hour will be drawn from your pile to replenish the Available Credit count for this page.  This column shows either a number (credits per hour), or 'auto'.  If a site is paused, Auto Draw is also paused.  "Auto" signifies that a credit will be pulled from your pile whenever needed (and available) to keep the site displaying.   Note: This is an advanced feature.  Your account must be upgraded to at least 'Executive' to control credit draw.

Banner Link allows any user to 'attach' a banner display to their site display.  This means that any time that your site displays on a surf view, your banner will display as well (assuming that the banner has sufficient credits for display).

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