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User Comments

Advice from Paul Kinder at Traffic Splash

I sent out emails to a lot of the big players in the traffic exchange world. Paul Kinder has taken a some time to pass on some information to me. So I share it with you as well.

Thanks Paul

Hi James
Sure thing ....
well first thing to say is that I am full-time so I researched fully and networked with owners and surfers for months before taking on traffic-splash. That networking was crucial - I learnt loads but more importantly, I built relationships with people so we could work to build our businesses together.

Secondly, I invested in a really good script, design and heavy advertising spend.

Thirdly, I reinvested all profits in more advertising to keep building until I reached a stage where I could start withdrawing some cash for myself. I didn't withdraw a penny for the first nine months.

No real secrets there - except the big thing - the world really does revolve around who you know, not what you know. Get to know the right people and invest in your business and it will grow much faster.

That applies whatever size your business. Just link up with people around the same level as you. And work together to grow your businesses.

I strongly recommend joining this forum:

That forum is the rock I built my biz upon. I literally read everything there and the knowledge and relationships built through there have been priceless.

I also read thru the archives at HEN to give me loads of insight into the industry and how things tick:
=> http://www.hitexchangenews.com/hitnewsarchives.php

Oh and start networking with other owners who have exchanges just a little bigger than you - and work your way up. That way you all grow together - IF the others are determined enough too.

Hope you take advantage of the advice and make that forum as helpful as it was for me. Best of luck with your biz.

Happy Splashing!


Paul Kinder is the owner of Traffic Splash one of the largest manual traffic exchanges.

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