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28 Jul Newsletter

2014-07-28 -
Subject:  Ablaze Special Note 

Ablaze With Traffic.

Hello Ablazers,

I have added back the 2 contest – Contest page is in the
members area.

Weekly surfing contest
With 15,000 hits up for grabs each week and it will grow
as surfing grows.

Monthly Referral
This kicks off  8-1-2014 and each month the top ten will
get their share of 37,000 hits as well. But as more and
more amazing member bring in new members  this pot will
also grow. more places.

This is just the first steps to really pushing for Ablaze
With Traffic.  I thank you for surfing Ablaze with
Traffic and promoting one of the best and the largest
autosurfs in the business.

Start Surfing now without logging in and start climbing
the auto surf ranks.

James Dias

IT   the traffic dance TE Blaster

Ablaze:-1 (-1) sent Mon, 28 Jul 2014 16:57:40 -0500

27 Jul Newsletter

2014-07-27 -
Subject:  Ablaze With Traffic - Goals

over the last few days I have spent some quality time in Ablaze with traffic. So I made some goals for the site. And I want to share them and where im at with the goals. Goal 1. Smoother surf. This is going to be an ongoing project. Ablaze has been around since 2004 so we have a lot of sites in ablaze. I am working hard at removing dead sites everyday but I will miss some from time to time. Please report any site you see that breaks the rules – this could get you 500 hits. Goal 2. Clean out time. Removing dead sites and banners is a huge priority – but I have also removed a few members for having bad emails breaking the rules. Its just clean up and is very important to a traffic exchange. Goal 3. Break records. Ablaze is and for the last few years has been a top ranked auto surf. But some of our records were pretty awesome. Its time to get there again. I am proud to be the largest TE on this style script. But that is just not enough. I see ablaze being a top ten Auto surf. And would love your help. Here is how you can help make the 3 goals happen. If you see a bad site report it. Make Ablaze a place to stop and surf everyday. Add your affiliate link to other traffic exchanges and build downlines right here. Thank you for setting you marketing Ablaze With Traffic, James Dias http://ablazewithtraffic.com Ablaze:-1 (-1) sent Sun, 27 Jul 2014 03:00:26 -0500

Ablaze With Traffic -

2014-07-17 -
It’s been a while since I last talked about the auto surf Business.
I think we
can agree that auto surfing a traffic exchanges is
an easy way to get traffic to your websites.  But some auto surf just
better and more effectively. S0 what makes Ablaze better

Ablaze IS not part of a traffic exchange Group – We do things on
our own. So you
never have to wonder where traffic is coming from.
It comes from Ablaze With Traffic.

Our Surf timers are start at 20 seconds.  My thoughts on this are
bigger is
better.  Ablaze also gives a 4:3 surf ratio.  Yes! we have
longer timers, but
you get more credits per view as well.

Ablaze is just 88 members away from hitting the 20,000 member
mark all time.
When I took over Ablaze in 2009 if had just over
1650 members all time and had been online for 5 years.  It’s a
numbers game. The
more people that join a site the more people
you have the chance to market to.
Some talk about how clean
their site is.  We can actually say our banned list is almost as big
as their
all-time members list.

I am proud of being the owner of Ablaze With
traffic. I started in auto surf traffic exchanges.
And know that they do provide
value. And when
used right can
help build your business. We are often
 ranked in
the top of pretty much all the to autosurf list 
we are a part of.

I thank the members for this fact – People
promoting traffic exchanges like
ablaze are what keeps sites like Ablaze strong.  

Thank you very much

James Dias
Ablaze with traffic Owner  
IT             the traffic dance TE Blaster

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