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31 Jul Newsletter

2016-07-31 -
Subject:  Smiley traffic is closed - - But

Ablaze Traffic Exchange Good Stuff.

Hello Ablazers,

Good By Smiley Hello Members Rule

One if not the largest Hybrid Traffic exchange IS now a
Manual Only traffic exchange. DID you Know it has over
150000 members. Smiley was an amazing site  But  I want
to welcome you to.


Same outspoken owner.  Same members first mentality. New
Site. New Feel. But is already a HUGE traffic exchange And
its only Day One.

I will be a top affiliate for this site in the years to
come I hope you are too. Congrats to Vern and all the
members formally of Smiley Traffic now MEMBERS RULE.

James Dias

IT the traffic dance TE Blaster

Ablaze:-1 (-1) sent Sun, 31 Jul 2016 16:10:46 -0500
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