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02 Oct Newsletter

2015-10-02 -
Subject:  Ablaze With Traffic Newsletter 10-2-15

Ablaze Traffic Exchange News.
Hello Ablazers,

Did you Know Ablaze With Traffic has a Monster sized
Banner exchange built right into our traffic exchange

You can add our banner exchange to your blog or site –
earn traffic to your own banner just by adding a simple
line of code and we have it in 3 sizes to fit your open


Over the Last Month we have recommended 2 great Manual
Traffic Exchanges to add to your marketing. Both TE Surf
and Traffic Teams have added thousands of new
members to in just a few weeks. Both sites continue to
Grow and  I still recommend both sites.

Traffic delivery has been good over the last week Ablaze
delivers about 7500 page views a day per account. And a
whopping 18000 banner views a day.  Ablaze traffic is HOT
and very fast too.

This has been a big newsletter so far and I don’t want to
try and cram too much in here but thank you to the over
21,000 members of Ablaze With Traffic our traffic exchange
has grown a lot since it started back in 2004 and when I
took it over in 2008 with under 2000 member it has been a
wild ride for the last 7 years.

James Dias
Ablaze with Traffic

IT         the traffic dance   TE Blaster

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28 Sep Newsletter

2015-09-28 -
Subject:  Ablaze Likes Traffic Teams

Ablaze With Traffic.

Hello Ablazers,

New Launch Alert.

Mark Fox  has a new site rolling out today called
Traffic Teams.
I already have my ads there and have a feeling this
will do rather well from day one. It’s a brand new site
it looks good  its clean and easy to follow.


Traffic Teams has a ton of user benefits  Sticker Jackpot
and team surfing just to name a few.

I am pushing for this site. I think it will help me
grow my downlines. I am sure it will do the same for

James Dias
Ablaze with traffic

IT the traffic dance TE Blaster

Ablaze:-1 (-1) sent Mon, 28 Sep 2015 11:51:58 -0500

16 Sep Newsletter

2015-09-16 -
Subject:  Ablaze With Traffic - Try this bribe.

Ablaze With Traffic.

Hello Ablazers,

OK this is where I bribe the hold outs of Ablaze With

Join TE Surf Social here:


Surf 25 + pages at TESS.

Then Click Contact US with your Ablaze user name
 and TESS ID.
I will add 5,000 Hits to your account. If you have
joined under me.

First 20 People only.

Now that is simple.

James Dias
Ablaze with traffic

IT the traffic dance TE Blaster

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14 Sep Newsletter

2015-09-14 -
Subject:  Ablaze - Amazing TE you need to use.

As many of you know Marcy has had my back for years now. When I take off for a weekend She is the one hitting approve on the sites. Marcy and I have also done a couple joint adventures and done pretty well. Marcy Works hard I mean real hard like getting stuff done sort of hard. I Also Like trust and respect her too. ( she has my passwords, That’s trust with me) SO on this Day Marcy is relaunching TE surf Social. Rather than tell you why you should join or get back in there, im going to tell you why I am doing it. #1 I am an upgraded member. #2 My downline is 250 strong. #3 Marcy is one of the hardest working people in this business. I am not going to bribe for this relaunch But I will 100% support it and want you to join me at the NEW TESS. http://tesurfsocial.com/?rid=575 thank you for your time, James Dias Ablaze:-1 (-1) sent Mon, 14 Sep 2015 11:13:05 -0500

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