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22 Nov Newsletter

2014-11-22 -
Subject:  Ablaze - surfing is boosted allday

Ablaze With Traffic.

Hello Ablazers,

Yesterday we moved our servers to a new data
center.  So there was a little downtime. That
happens. Ablaze is back online and ready to be
surfed. But I want you to know we have something
special for you too.

So today we are going to boost the surfing for
everyone by 0.25  this means everyone here at
ablaze will be at a 1 to 1 for the whole day or
better if you are upgraded.


This link is all you need to get you going but you
have to click on it to get the boost. And its only
good for 11-23-2014 so get it early.

Thank you for surfing Ablaze and enjoy the boost
on us all day long.

 James Dias

IT   the traffic dance TE Blaster

Ablaze:-1 (-1) sent Sat, 22 Nov 2014 23:43:39 -0600

18 Nov Newsletter

2014-11-18 -
Subject:  Ablaze Gets Elite - Im loving this site

Ablaze With Traffic.

Hello Ablazers,

Over the last week I have been talking up the new
launch of Elite Auto Surf.  The fact I have gotten a
couple signups from Elite so far my self speaks
volumes for the kind of people joining the site.

Iím proud to be telling members of ablaze about this
site it makes for a good working relationship with a
good auto surf owner and   its showing great members
a second place to surf  when not surfing ablaze

 Once again if you havenít joined Elite Auto Surf I
urge you to give it a try.

I have a feeling this one is going in the downline
builder here at ablaze very soon. And thanks for the
many that have joined under me, if you have
questions let me know and  I can ask Monica if I
done know.

James Dias

IT   the traffic dance TE Blaster

Ablaze:-1 (-1) sent Tue, 18 Nov 2014 15:43:07 -0600

12 Nov Newsletter

2014-11-12 -
Subject:  Ablaze Thanks You. Big time.

Ablaze With Traffic.

Thank you ablazers,

Yeah  Iím pretty happy  about the response that ablaze
with traffic members put forward. When we helped
Monicaís roll out her new Elite Auto Surf.   It is an
amazing feeling when people work together to support
good auto surf owners and programs.   If you havenít
joined it yet  please do.

Yesterday I did a new Traffic Exchange Daily  #271 and
feedback has been amazing .  It was a great question
from a member just wanting to make sure they are
working in the right direction in downline.

also did you know we have a splash page right here that
promotes not only Ablaze but 9 other great auto surfs.
And here it is: Ablaze 10 Site Splash
 all you have to do is make sure your ID numbers are
filled in right here at ablaze and  start building your
downlines in not just one but 10 auto surf programs.
Look for the DLB icon in the Ablaze control center.

Thank you for setting your websites Ablaze With
James Dias

IT   the traffic dance TE Blaster

Ablaze:-1 (-1) sent Wed, 12 Nov 2014 14:47:36 -0600

10 Nov Newsletter

2014-11-10 -
Subject:  Set a new auto surf Ablaze

Ablaze With Traffic.

Hello Ablazers,

I am a huge fan of Auto Surfs its where I got my start
in traffic exchanges. But for the last few years I have
been learning and growing on the Manual surf side of the
traffic exchange world.  Never forgetting where I got

funny thing  is I have known about this new auto surf
for MONTHS and MONTHS   Back in June  I was told about a
new auto surf launching.

let me say that again   In june  I was told of this new
launch of an auto surf traffic exchange   So yeah  I am
excited   and I want to invite you to join under me at 

new Auto surf

Monica Has been in Auto surf traffic exchanges for a
good wile now  and has done very well with Auto surf
   so when she asked me to be a part of this auto
surf  I said yes.

Have fun  and get in and promoting this New auto surf
quickly   Its sure to be a hit but itís also sure to be
here for years to come.

James Dias


IT             the traffic dance   TE Blaster

Ablaze:-1 (-1) sent Mon, 10 Nov 2014 10:37:50 -0600
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