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20 Mar Newsletter

2015-03-20 -
Subject:  What an Ablaze Newsletter.

Ablaze With Traffic.

Hello Ablazers,

Lets start this off by thanking the almost 21,000 Members
that are a part of Ablaze with Traffic. Every year Ablaze grows
 thanks to the amazing supportive members. 

Building a downline is a huge part of growing your income
online. I learned this a little later then I should have.
But wanted to share the amazing importance of it.

See for every new member you bring into any site (
Including ablaze) the following starts to happen.

1- They might surf  
              (if they do you earn hits from the surfing they do)
2- They may Buy 
              ( if they do you often earn commissions)
3- They may fill in their IDís in the downline builder
             (then one and 2 can happen many more times)

This is the basics of affiliate marketing. Itís not hard
and itís not complicated. But it will take some time
energy and effort.  This is the foundation that has Ablaze
getting ready to welcome member number 21,000 soon. And
just imaging the time energy and effort you save with a
downline of a couple hundred active members in a few

To get started  add your ablaze Splash page rotator to
every traffic exchange you can here is your affiliate url:

Fill in the Ablaze Downline builder IDís :

Get started today and start getting results now!

James Dias
Ablaze with traffic

Start surfing right now:

IT   the traffic dance TE Blaster

Ablaze:-1 (-1) sent Fri, 20 Mar 2015 12:34:24 -0500
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