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Ablaze For A Cure

Ablaze For A Cure - Traffic Exchanges Give Back

Ablaze For A Cure

 I designed this Program to help everyone with cancer or who is a affected by cancer.

In August 2005, Myself and my 2 brothers  Matthew (9) and Andrew (14) Lost an amazing person to her fight with cancer, Our Mother was only 44 years Old when she passed away And I remember falling to my knees to wrap my  brother in my arms and having to say the Words ď Mom Didnít make itĒ

This is a story that I have told a hundred times since that day. While it gets easier everyday you have to wonder what things will be like when cancer is a thing of the Past.

Iím now 31 years old Matthew is 14 and Andy is 19 and for the last few years we have been the force behind Ablaze For A Cure.

Our goal never ends we want to place as many members and build as much buzz as possible. I have Included a nice graphic to place on your website to be counted and a donations can be made 

Lets Show the World That Traffic exchange Surfer and webmasters Care Please Join

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